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Baby or Bust™ 

Baby Or Bust™ is a podcast hosted by fertility doctor and former fertility patient Dr. Lora Shahine.


Every week we bust myths, shatter stigma, and provide important facts and encouraging best practices to help anyone struggling with fertility to make their baby dream come true and feel better and stronger about their journey along the way.

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Infertility is an issue that most people don’t want to talk about, but we have all experienced difficult conversations that were important. Dr. Lora Shahine struggled as a fertility patient and now helps those trying to make families even when the odds aren’t in their favor. We all have a lot of questions that we feel weird about asking. Questions like do hot tubs make men infertile? Should I freeze my eggs? How long can I wait to have a baby? What is IVF? How do I even get started with surrogacy? When is it too late to have a baby? How do queer families figure out pregnancy? For many the road to conception is a difficult one, Dr. Shahine and Baby or Bust™ are your friends along the way. Let’s have important conversations, listen to Baby or Bust™ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

  • In the new podcast Baby or Bust™, Fertility Doctor and Influencer Dr. Lora Shahine assemble medical experts and former infertility patients to guide anyone trying to conceive.

  • Dr. Shahine and her guests shatter myths around fertility and miscarriages while providing emotional support for everyone’s individual journey. The show isn’t afraid to ask uncomfortable questions with a warm intimacy and a sense of humor.

    • Topics like: the price for various fertility treatments, how common miscarriages really are, and what affects male infertility

  • Dr. Shahine is a double board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, bestselling author, and Professor at the University of Washington. She has spoken on the topics of infertility in the Black community in hopes of increasing awareness and making resources more accessible. Dr. Shahine has also spoken about how public figures such as Michelle Obama have begun to shatter the stigma around talking about their miscarriages and opting for IVF to start a family.

  • Guests are fertility specialists, doctors, patients, support groups, and anyone who has experienced difficulty trying to conceive

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