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Seraphim at Hagia Sophia

1 min | Filmmaker: Noah Rappaport

Seraphim at Hagia Sophia

Seraphim at Hagia Sophia

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About Seraphim at Hagia Sophia

The animation is based on the one remaining Seraphim on the 4 arching columns holding up the main dome of the the Hagia Sophia ("holy wisdom") church built in 537 CE during the Byzantine era in Istanbul, Turkey.


Seraphim are described in the Abrahamic faith-based traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Islam, they are known as the "Bearers of the Throne" and are mentioned as having six wings and four faces in the Hadiths. as well as the vision of Ezekial. Of the six wings, two are to cover their faced, two to cover their feet, and two used for flying. 


 Seraphim are mentioned in the 2nd century BC Book of Enoch, in a Gnostic text, and have origins in Ancient Egypt.  The root term for Seraphim, or Seraph in Hebrew means flaming or burning (ie: with divine love). In the Sepher Rezial Hemelach, the "burnt offering" corresponds to love and In Agrippa's work, Serpaphim, help humans perfect the flame of love.


Motion Graphics

Noah Rappaport

Executive Producer

Greg M. Moga III

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