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Perfect Sweat (2022)

7 part Series   |   English   | 

Perfect Sweat - Trailer
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Everyone sweats. It’s one of the most elemental things a human body can do. But when it's pursued intentionally, like eating, drinking, or making love, it’s also one of the few natural experiences that can rejuvenate us and bring spiritual and social reconnection to our lives.

Our ancestors understood this and have ritually practiced various forms of intense sweating since the beginning of time. Today, all over the world, people still seek out the banya, steam room, sweat lodge, and hammam. The question our program seeks to answer is why? The motivation can vary by region, culture, country, and tradition. Each episode will be a journey exploring the root of that question and seeking the answer. The program will be less about the act of physically steaming and more about the story behind it. We are in search of the perfect sweat!

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